Episode 58

When F1 Sponsorships Go Too Far - AlphaTauri's New Name, Leclerc's New Contract, and Audi Rumors

In this episode of the Exhaust Notes F1 Podcast, we discuss recent events related to Formula One, including Charles Leclerc's contract extension with Ferrari, the potential for Audi's entry into the sport, and the name change of the AlphaTauri team to Visa Cash App RB. The conversation covers various topics, including the terrible naming of the Red Bull F1 team, college radio show names, stuck-in-their-ways college professors, the lack of long-term branding, the identity of Force India, creating new acronyms for RB, Nike's potential entry into F1, Alonso's unique relationship with Stroll, and the move of the Spanish Grand Prix to Madrid.


Charles Leclerc's contract extension with Ferrari raises questions about his future and potential moves to other teams.

Audi's rumored entry into Formula One could bring significant changes to the grid and create new opportunities for drivers.

The name change of the AlphaTauri team to Visa Cash App RB has generated mixed reactions and confusion among fans and commentators.


00:00 Introduction and Formula One Contracts

11:00 Charles Leclerc's Future and Influence on Ferrari

18:37 Speculations on Audi's Entry into Formula One

28:15 AlphaTauri's Name Change to Visa Cash App RB

35:27 The Terrible Naming of the Red Bull F1 Team

36:42 College Radio Show Names

37:15 Stuck-in-their-Ways College Professors

39:10 The Lack of Long-Term Branding

40:14 The Identity of Force India

41:31 Creating New Acronyms for RB

43:08 Nike's Potential Entry into F1

45:28 Alonso's Unique Relationship with Stroll

47:44 The Move of the Spanish Grand Prix to Madrid


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